Lirui Wang

Paul G. Allen Center for CSE, 185 Stevens Way, Seattle WA 98195

liruiw (at) cs (dot) washington (dot) edu

I study Computer Science and Electrical Engineerig at the University of Washington. I am an undergraduate researcher advised by Prof. Dieter Fox in Robotics and State Estimation Lab. I also work closely with Dr. Yu Xiang in NVIDIA Robotics Lab. My research focus lies in Computer Vision and Robotics. I also have broad interests in Optimization and Machine Learning.
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  • June 2020: I graduated with highest honor from the University of Washington.
  • May 2020: Our paper on manipulation planning has been accepted to RSS 2020.


Manipulation Trajectory Optimization with Online Grasp Synthesis and Selection
Lirui Wang, Yu Xiang, and Dieter Fox
In Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS), 2020
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